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Candle of the Day: Orange

Published March 27, 2012 by Mystic Landing

Candle of the Day: Orange

With the void moon in Taurus, today is a day when you may just want to rest and take a load off. You probably will feel burned out and tired. If you can somehow take a nap today, do it! But for those of us that can’t because it is just not possible, this will probably be a difficult time which may lead to falling asleep at the desk, tripping on your own feet, getting lost, making mistakes or just ignoring tasks all together. Light an orange candle to balance this out. You will need it!

Candle of the Day: Turquoise

Published March 26, 2012 by Mystic Landing


Candle of the Day: Turquoise

With the moon still in Taurus and Mercury in Pisces, it is a time when things become 100% clear to you and others around you. You know what and who is good for you in your life, you can see right through lies and deception. Your mind will probably still be on success mode and you’ll pay strong attention to detail. The negative side of today is the possibility of arrogance when it comes to your successful projects and/or skills. Balance this out by lighting a turquoise candle to increase your natural energy and to restrain from thinking too highly of yourself. Lighting turquoise on a waxing moon can also assist with positive karma, luck, healing and balancing of emotions.