Tarot Readings – Love and Romance


Does He/She Love Me Spread: $30

This powerful spread provides insight on how a person
really feels about you, what are his/her thoughts, what he/she doesn’t
like, his/her hopes and fears and everything else about his/her
feelings about you.

Will I Find Love Spread: $25

If you are seeking romance, this spread is for you.
It will point you in the right direction. If love isn’t
in your immediate future, it can tell you what you need to do
to change that.

Will This Relationship Last Spread: $30

This spread provides insights on the strengths and weaknesses of the
relationship. If the outcome indicates an end to the relationship in
the future, you can address the weaknesses to your partner and you may
be able to alter the fate of the relationship.

Full Reading: $65    

This 2-hr comprehensive reading tells you absolutely everything you need to know!
It includes the Celtic Cross spread, the Does He/She Love Me spread and
any 10 Questions you’d like to ask. One of our most popular readings.

To book your reading, please click on the button below:


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