Chakra Healings

Chakra Healings by Laura

Available in Oahu, Hawaii


If you are experiencing any type of trouble in any area of life, you are probably experiencing a blockage in your chakras. It is very important for your chakras to flow naturally and in perfect alignment because this allows you to receive everything the Universe has to offer.

The chakras affect many areas of your life including:








All of these things are associated with the chakras and if they are not flowing properly, then you are not reaching your highest potential in these areas.

If you have not gotten a chakra healing in the last 6 months, then naturally you have a build-up of negative energy that doesn’t allow your chakras to spin as easily as they should. If you have never had a chakra healing, then it’s time to get one and feel the difference it makes!

Chakra Healings by Laura are now available on Oahu, please click on the link below to schedule an appointment.


Please note: Payment for all services must be made in full via PayPal prior to scheduled appointment time.


4 comments on “Chakra Healings

  • Such an amazing difference! You are incredible. All the worries I had stopped almost instantly and things are falling into place. This is the first time I did this and I completely recommend it. Thank you so much

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