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Simple Steps for Astral Projection

Published February 24, 2012 by Mystic Landing


1. Lay down, close your eyes and blank your mind. The best way is to think of a plain white landscape covered in snow.

2. Let all your thoughts of the day float on by and out of your mind. Don’t rush them out. Just let them float by.

3. When all you see is white, count slowly to ten and with each number, picture yourself rising higher and higher. Reach for something above your mind. Maybe a star or the moon – and feel yourself floating towards it.

Remember. Practice makes perfect. It may take a few attempts until you are able to get out of your body. Your body will know to pull you back. You can only wander for a short period of time. As you grow in experience, you can project for longer periods. Don’t worry and think of it as a vacation for your spirit.