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Confusion this week

Published May 14, 2017 by Mystic Landing

Transiting Mars in strong opposition with natal Neptune brings feelings of confusion regarding what you want or what you are trying to accomplish this week.

You may find that you have a more disconnected energy than usual, but your spiritual awareness may be heightened.

This is a time when you are you are very aware of other points of view, and also very idealistic in pursuing your own agenda, once you figure out what that is. You may even imagine goals for yourself that are more fanciful than realistic or that may never come to fruition.

It is necessary at this time to focus on what is truly important to you, and to not be discouraged by seeming setbacks, since every turn in the road serves to further your growing consciousness of what is possible, both in the physical realm and beyond it.

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees) from May 13, 2017 – May 19, 2017, especially May 16, 2017.

This is a good time to call on Alaghom-Naom, a Mayan goddess responsible for conscious awareness, creative inspiration and logical thought.

Alaghom’s themes are time, destiny, cycles and magic. Her symbol is the calendar. In Mayan tradition, Alaghom created the human ability to think, reason, and mark time using those skills. She also designed the intangible parts of nature, which take us beyond concrete realities into the world of the Goddess and Her magic.

If you really need her energy today, grab a calendar to call on Her and recite this simple chant:

“Alaghom, today is but one day out of many, yet let me recognize the possibilites that lie within it. Give me the good judgement and sensibility to use my time wisely”.


Lots of energy today

Published May 6, 2017 by almondgaze

IMG_3215With Mars in strong opposition with natal Sun, you have so much sheer energy at your disposal that you may need to work it off for this brief period of time in some form of physical activity, like sports or exercise. The abundant energy of Mars comes into your conscious awareness, and you are very impatient to get things done in a hurry. There can be great tension during this transit, and also great progress toward your goals if you can contain the energy.

With Mars in Gemini, business ideas also come into mind and with all of the energy you have, you may want to put that energy into a productive movement towards making money, or planning for your future. You are filled with a vast amount of ideas and you may want to implement them all at the same time. Balance this energy with a yellow candle, so that you can prioritize and focus on the ideas that will benefit you first.

Lighting yellow on a waxing moon also helps with concentration, memory and can bring bursts of joy, which is always welcome!