Candle of the Day: Purple

Published May 31, 2012 by Mystic Landing

Candle of the Day: Purple

With the Libra Moon, the possibilities are endless, especially in romance. This is a great time to meet people, as we will be attracting a lot more people into our lives and others will be more attracted to us than usual.

The morning, however is a time of minor upheaval, where everything may seem worse than it really is. Although, there will be some good luck throughout the day into the nighttime. By midday, we will have a sense of apathy for things that happen. We will say to ourselves “it is what it is”, and this is a good thing, but this is also a time of misinterpretation, so do not take things too personally until you know the full story.

Light a purple candle today for accurate intuition, as we will not see things as they really are. Lighting purple on a waxing moon also assists with will power, deep insight and meaningful dreams.


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