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3-card Reading: $10

This simple spread provides insight for an immediate solution to a problem. It’s designed
to target a specific issue and will reveal what appropriate action to
take next and the final outcome.

Celtic Cross: $20

A general outlook on your past, present and future that provides insight
on the things that you are going through, why it has come to this
point and what will happen in your near and distant future.

Clock Reading: $30

An in-depth view on specific
situations in your life that you have been struggling with or are
forefront in your mind and what will happen in these areas.

Astrological Spread: $40

This unique spread provides insight on things
you need to know about yourself, the people around you, your
responsibilities, romantic situations, business, goals and then the

Full Reading: $75

This 1-hr comprehensive reading tells you absolutely everything you need to know!
It includes the Celtic Cross spread, the Does He/She Love Me spread and
any 10 Questions you’d like to ask.¬†One of our most popular¬†readings.

Two Paths Spread: $25

If you are facing a choice
between two options, this spread gives you lots of information to help
you make the best decision.

What To Do Spread: $30

If you are looking for a new
direction for your life-a new job, a new place to live, a new project
or hobby, this spread can provide an answer.

Working It Out Spread: $20

Provides insight on finding common ground with someone who
you have issues with.


Does He/She Love Me Spread: $30

This powerful spread provides insight on how a person
really feels about you, what are his/her thoughts, what he/she doesn’t
like, his/her hopes and fears and everything else about his/her
feelings about you.

Will I Find Love Spread: $25

If you are seeking romance, this spread is for you.
It will point you in the right direction. If love isn’t
in your immediate future, it can tell you what you need to do
to change that.

Will This Relationship Last Spread: $30

This spread provides insights on the strengths and weaknesses of the
relationship. If the outcome indicates an end to the relationship in
the future, you can address the weaknesses to your partner and you may
be able to alter the fate of the relationship.


Is Prosperity Coming? Spread: $25

This spread highlights and compares your needs and desires
while showing you how you’re blocking yourself from getting what you want
and will show you exactly what you need to do to achieve your wishes
and then the final outcome.

How Is It Going? Spread: $25

This spread highlights everything you need to know about your current job or career,
about your co-workers, how your bosses feel about you, what you
should improve on, how long you will be there and if you will make a change
in the future.

Interview Spread: $20

This spread will help you prepare for a specific job interview.
It will give you insights as to what the employers are looking for,
what they don’t want and what they don’t know they want so
that you can wow them!

How Did It Go? Spread: $20

If you went on an interview already and want to know what happened,
this will tell you what they were looking for compared to
what you showed them. Details and what they liked and didn’t like
about you, something you need to know about the situation, and finally, the outcome.

Career Change Spread: $30

If you are wondering if it’s time to make a change and choose a different
career or job, this spread will reveal if that’s the right decision right now,
the benefits and downsides of this decision, why you are really thinking about this,
and finally, what will happen if you do make the change.

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